Ketogenic Diet

I have to share this fascinating video presented by Ivor Cumming where he and Dr Jeff Gerber interviews  Andrew Scarborough.  Andrew  was suffering from fatigue, headaches and seizures. He discovered that he had the most serious brain cancer Anaplastic astrocytoma. Andrew developed his own customized ketogenic diet to treat his disease and the results are a amazing. 

Cholesterol Confusion

I came across an outstanding lecture by David M. Diamonds. You must watch this video:

  • In the early to mid-nineteenth century doctors where noticing the association of consumption of High Carb food and obesity, heart failure.
  • Doctors prescribed Meat and Saturated Fat as a treatment.
  • There is no drug that can improve our biomarkers like Low Carb diet.
  • Low Cholesterol increases the risk of heart disease
  • High blood sugar (metabolic syndrome) smoking and stress causes coagulation